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July 16, 2024

Salters Gets It Done!

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Putting My Experience
to Work

Who is Debra Salters, WARRIOR4THPPL? She is Newark, N.J. born and bred.

Debra Salters is an Educator, a Mentor, a Coach, an Activist, and an Advocate. She is a Voice for the voiceless, and a Protector of our Seniors, who are our foundation, and our children.

She ran for Assembly in 2021 because she saw several needs of the people that needed to be put on the floor for consideration. Those in power changed the rules, but she did not stop there.

In the same year, while already doing the work in the community, at the behest of the residents, she ran for and won the election for District 25 district leader. 

In 2022, hearing the cries and sufferings of her people, while seeing the degradation, plight, and blight, she petitioned to become Mayor of the City which she loves and fights for daily. 

Only needing 1624 petitions, she garnered over 2000, without a team, due to intimidation and incentivization; with the bulk of them being thrown out due to "Excuses" given.


It is because of her love and her passion for our young people and her desire for them to experience a great, unparalleled education, that she ran in the 2024 School Board  Election to give them a fighting chance for that to come to fruition! 

She not only grew up receiving a phenomenal education in the city of Newark, but she is a substitute teacher who has taught in districts with resources that our children MUST have if they are going to thrive and succeed in life!

Not only will they not survive with this current board, who has been in place for the last 10 years, they will NEVER be able to compete with the children who have been thriving, even through the pandemic, never lacking anything.

She tutors and mentors our young men and young ladies on life skills, entrepreneurship, and how not to wait for anyone else to build nor mold their futures.

She provide s a safe space for them to tell their the truth, and things that they have not felt comfortable enough to share with anyone else.

Her non- profit organization, Newark One Ward Wide has partnered with Hope Over Hurt to help put a dent in eradicating food disparities with families in our community by filling refrigerators with what has been needed.


Her Organization has also established relationships with local businesses to prepare our children to rebuild the trades that originally established our middle class; truly moving our children forward in society.

Saving Lives (Vigorously) Ent. L.L.C. is her CPR business where she trains individuals to save lives. She was an original partner with the Shani Baraka Center where she trained, and educated the women in our community to save the lives of their children and themselves, if need be.

She has worked with Relay For Life and other organizations to benefit the mental well being, health and wellness of our youth.


Not dismayed by the unethical and illegal practices by the Newark Forward Team to keep her off of the Newark School Board, where she would have helped to propel our children to greatness, she has thrown her hat into the ring to become our next Congresswoman for District 10.


As your Congresswoman of District 10, she will put Us first, as she does now.


Our quality of life is Priority! We must focus our attention on providing quality, affordable, ( Low to moderate income) housing;  that meets the area median income for our residents of every town.


We need to provide livable wages, starting with $20 /hr. minimum wage, now, not in the future.  


We need to re-direct those trillions that have been, and are being sent to fund wars that do not benefit We, The People of District 10, to rebuilding our own infrastructure, and to our own research of DC - 10.


We also need to focus on protecting our Reproductive Rights, as well as, Combating Global Warming. 

These are the most important issues that drive the passion of our next Congresswoman of District 10.


People Are My Passion and
Transforming Lives Is What I Do!!!



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